Leveraging Data to Improve City Streets

Convening public and private partners to support effective and secure mobility data sharing.

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Our Mission

The Mobility Data Collaborative

is a multi-sector forum where mobility partners gather to establish a framework for mobility data sharing. Our partners share a joint vision of leveraging mobility data to promote safe, equitable, and livable streets for all.

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Our Work

We believe our work will serve as critical resources for mobility stakeholders to utilize as data sharing becomes more widespread across regions and other forms of shared mobility. Our long history of developing widely-adopted standards provides an avenue to rapidly develop and share principles and best practices.

Glossary and Metrics

Regulators—from policymakers to infrastructure managers and planners—rely on data to make decisions. It is imperative that performance metrics are consistent across operators and regions to enable stakeholders to effectively communicate and measure the impact of new forms of mobility. Data Sharing Glossary and Metrics for Shared Micromobility provides a consensus-based set of definitions for commonly used terms and metrics.

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Data Privacy and Governance

Mobility data holds great potential to support transportation officials and their efforts to manage the public right-of-way, but the unlimited distribution of mobility data carries untested risks to privacy and public trust. Guidelines for Mobility Data Sharing Governance and Contracting provides a framework that aligns the interests of the public and private sectors while addressing privacy, transparency, data ownership, and consumer trust.

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